Brief history

Onenetone is comprised of a group of companies that started their activities in 1984 with wide objectives focused on the fields of Real Estate business, architectural design, urban planning and engineering.

The company is now formed by the next partners:

PLAN3D A+E. Urban Planning and Architecture

A-DOS- Architecture and urbanism.

QUALITAS- Engineering, Consulting and Construction.

Qualitas Instruments- Environmental Management.

 The company has being created following strong core values …

We believe the world is bound to see a greater demand for multicultural forms of response and more efficient techniques. OnenetOne seeks to provide answers in the fields of architecture, urban planning, engineering, interior design while implementing these beliefs and a philosophy of high sustainability and energy efficiency. We intend to investigate and make the most of the existing ideas and resources, regardless of their location, in order to provide to these needs. Our network is open to new ideas and synergies that may contribute to these values and goals.